Toscanino is downtown Miami’s best place to eat healthy, substantive Italian food – made from the freshest and finest ingredients – on the run.  We provide an array of pre-made bakery items, sandwiches, salads and more, as well as a gourmet market of fine Italian food products. Whether you’re ordering lunch or catering to take back to the office, or you’re on your lunch hour, we’ve reinterpreted Italy’s “slow food” concept for the modernity of Miami’s bustling business district.

Given the quick pace at which people today work and move, we provide what you need to eat well to live well. Those who have traveled to Italy knows that the country’s finest cuisine takes time.  The fast food concept will never take root in a country that historically views food and drink as forms of art and that’s not what Toscanino is about.  What we are about is sourcing fresh produce from local farmers’ markets and combining them with Made in Italy products to create delicous meals.  We start our day early and prepare all of our meals by hand in-house, so that you can quickly grab and go or eat in our cafe.

It’s a simple concept. Think of us like your personal Italian Nonna welcoming you in for a home-cooked meal in a warm and inviting atmosphere surrounded by people committed to providing you with the hospitality that Italy is known for. It’s slow food for the modern world. From our hearts to your tables. The easy way to eat well.

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